Introducing Seulawah Virtual!

Seulawah Virtual is a new established VA originating from Indonesia.  They opened their doors and began operations on June 28th, 2013.  Seulawah Virtual is the virtual counterpoint to Seulawah NAD Air which ceased operations due to financial problems.  Seulawah was a local carrier who had flights within the Western part of Indonesia and also had flights to Malaysia.

In September 2002 the  Seulawah NAD Air, ICAO: NAD, callsign: Seulawah, was launched by the provicianal goverment of Aceh and operated its two Boeing 737-200 aircraft.  As of January 2005 Seulawah Nad Air operated services linking Banda Aceh with Medan, Jakarta and Penang in Malaysia and later to cities in the east of Indonesia.

To commemorate this airliner we decided to setup “Seulawah Virtual”.
We are a virtual airline based in the special region of Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darusalam (NAD) province, Indonesia with the capital, Banda Aceh.

The name of “Seulawah”
On June 16, 1948 at “Hotel Kutaraja” in Banda Aceh, late President Sukarno managed to arouse the patriotism of the people of Aceh. Through a committee they collected donations from the people of Aceh which total is equivalent to 20 kg of gold. These funds were used to purchase a Dakota aircraft. The Dakota donated by the people of Continue reading

Share Set and Prepared to Take on the European Market…

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – The press has gathered at the newly refurbished building at Albert Docks in Liverpool to interview the staff of a brand new European low-cost conglomerate, The plans of the airline are very ambitious, however at the opening conference, they have announced the opening of the recruitment process for pilots and staff. The airline is set to be a direct competitor, to some of European’s biggest low-cost airlines. flyeuro’s goal is “to become Europe’s favorite commercial virtual airline.” But can they pull it off?

With two operational hubs in United Kingdom (Liverpool and London Gatwick) and one in Poland (Katowice), is operating over 100 routes daily to more than 50 European destinations, with over 30 Boeing 737 family type aircraft.

“We’ve been ambitious about what we’ve been doing to create the airline, we’re full of motivation to run it and we’re ambitious to expand and go that one step further – above and beyond…” said flyeuro’s Chief Executive Officer, Kamil Bonczyk. “We want to discover new lands, and give pilots and passengers a simple and a flexible experience. Three hubs and fifty destinations is just not enough for us.” – he added. When asked about plans for the future, he said “Possibly a BAe 146 for regional operations? Or maybe even a fourth hub for the Summer Schedule? It will all depend on the growth towards our ambitious goal”.

The airline has launched an extensive recruiting campaign at their website: Beside pilot recruitment, qualified individuals can try managerial careers within the airline. Additionally, we have asked Continue reading

A New Virtual United Airlines on the Horizon

CHICAGO, Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –The executive staff at the new vUAL recently announced their intentions on becoming the newest virtual airline in the flight simulation community.  We are in the process of getting legal permission from our real world counterpart, United Airlines to use their name on our website. “Our future home will be located at as it is currently under construction”, said Robert Sayles, Chief Executive Officer.  We will provide the community an update once we have achieved legal rights to use United Airlines name on our domain. Please continue to monitor our Facebook and Twitter with the latest information regarding our development stage.

About Virtual United Airlines

United Virtual Airlines (vUAL) will provide the flight simulation community with some of the most advanced simulation technology. While utilizing both Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, those at UAL will take advantage of our customized automation system. Our new customized system provides its users complete aircraft, and pilot statistics, a flight and schedule search, complete fleet management, pilot registration and profiles, and an advanced live ACARS integration. vUAL1.0 allows for us to have complete and realistic operation of the virtual airline.

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SparkJet Virtual Airlines Set to Open Doors Feb. 1st

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, — SparkJet Virtual CEO Zeke Elias has announced that SparkJet will be opening it’s doors and accepting applications starting on February 1st, 2013. “We’ve been hard at work for the past year to make this possible, all the aircraft are ready, the manuals are all approved by the FAA and we have received permission from the DOT for our current and future expansion routes. We are bringing a new Spark into the virtual skies and we are sure our customers and employees will love it!” said Mr. Elias when interviewed about the upcoming opening.

SparkJet Virtual will accept applications for both Crew Members and Staff Positions starting February 1st and encourages everyone who is interested to take a look at their Careers page. SparkJet Virtual aims to become a leading Virtual Airline through their sophisticated ACARS system, realistic Dispatch Operations Center, simulated financials and the experience of the management team which consists of real-life pilots with inside knowledge of the airline industry.

“This is a great new era for Virtual Airlines, We hope we Spark your imagination!” said Mr. Elias after encouraging any questions or comments to his personal email “We have an open-door policy and would love everyone and anyone to tell us what they think”

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About SparkJet:
SparkJet Virtual Airline (ICAO: SPK, IATA: SK, Call-Sign: Spark) operates as an FAA part 121 scheduled air carrier serving leisure and Continue reading


Announcing Pacific Airlines

On January 1st, 2013, Pacific Airlines was finally launched after more than 3 years of testing and evaluation. “The airline is a compilation of a number of successful ideas from other airlines, and is meant to replace Air Fresno” CEO Peter McKay stated. Air Fresno, an airline with a 15 year, award winning history has slumped lately because of it’s regional nature, over the years it has suffered closures because of lack of time or interest. “With Pacific Airlines we have expanded the general idea of Air Fresno, allowing us to address a greater interest in the western United States”. McKay’s other airline, the Austin based Texas Airways, will be worked into a code share with pacific Airlines in the near future. Pacific Airlines currently offers 82 daily flights to 22 cities with flights as short as 40 minutes and as along as 4 hours.

Visit Pacific Airlines at Continue reading


Air Wales Virtual Starts Operations

Matt Smith CEO of Air Wales Virtual is pleased to announce that we have now started operations.

Matt Smith spoke early today at a press conference in Cardiff:

” Air Wales Virtual is a new virtual airline with our head office based at Cardiff International Airport, Wales. We will firstly operate from 3 hubs: Cardiff, Swansea and Cork to destinations around the UK and Europe; using a fleet of ATR 42 and Airbus A320 aircraft.

We currently have 5 Atr42-300′s and 2 A320-300′s with another A320 being delivered tomorrow(10/1/2013).

Over the coming months we will be adding new routes and new aircraft and hoping to start some international routes.

We will also be speaking to other Airlines regarding a partnership to transport there passengers from there arriving destinations in the UK to Other UK Airports”

Find us at:


Announcing Sky World Virtual

Sky World Virtual has been formed after the amalgamation of Fly Africa Virtual [Africa], Velvet Sky Virtual[Europe] and Outback Air [Australia]. The combination of all three former virtual airlines provides Sky World Virtual with a much larger footprint within the virtual aviation theater thereby providing flight simulation enthusiasts with a significant option to fly in either Europe and / or Africa while at the same time being part of one Virtual Airline.

Sky World Virtual is not based on any real world airline or airlines but it has been structured to such an extent that it provides the enthusiast with an experience similar to a real world airline.

An attractive fleet, strategically placed hubs and a large number of routes further ensure that your time at Sky World Virtual is a pleasant experience.

Visit Sky World Virtual online @


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