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VATSIM EVENT: Thursday, January 26, 2012 – Houston Winter Rodeos

Join ZHU this month as we bring you “Houston Winter Rodeos!” This week: Thursday, January 26th from 2300-0200z Houston will be fully staffed! All flights and all pilots are welcome. Don’t forget your cowboy hats!


VATSIM EVENT: ZOB & ZDC Present Regional Crossfire!

Heavy traffic between Pittsburgh and Washington.

Join ZOB and ZDC as they host the Regional Crossfire event on January 13  from 2300Z to 0300Z.

Regional airlines are full of fierce competition to provide the most miles at the lowest cost to it’s passengers and now they’re looking for you to help! The event will feature the Pittsburgh International and Washington Reagan airports, two of the more prominent regional airports in the area.

All aircraft are welcome to fly in, but it is encouraged that you fly between the two. We’ll see you Continue reading


Flock-Air Certified VATSIM Airline VACC Cooperationship Started

“Flock-Air became certified VATSIM Airline!

The slogan of our new partner VA Flock-Air – be there with FLOCK-AIR.  Founded in 2008 with their Homebase in Vienna

For more informations visit or

Welcome as our new partner VA of the VACC-Austria !”

This was the announcement of the Austrian Chamber of VATSIM, Flock-Air is operating mainly on the Vatsim Network and offers via its E-Learning Center Pilot Training and cooperates from now on strong with VACC.

The 4 year old Austrian Airline connects all Austrian Airports, as main destinations in Europe, but also is offering international destinations to the biggest Airports worldwide.

With no votes against this decision accepted VACC Flock-Air is their new Continue reading


VATSIM Friday Night Ops in Hawaii *THIS FRIDAY* 2/11 0100-0400Z

Honolulu is going to be holding the Friday Night Ops event THIS FRIDAY the 11th, which will run from 0100 to 0400Z.  Instead of focusing on just one or two major airports, we are going to be lighting up the entire island chain with staffing for all fields.. even the little VFR pineapple strips.  While it’s not firm yet, we are looking for support from the Oakland center with Oakland Radio (Pacific Oceanic) coverage from the west coast to give pilots non-stop ATC from the west coast to the islands, and back.

Hawaii is getting even better thanks to Continue reading


Moncton FIR – Moncton Mondays on VATSIM

·         Just had that hard day at work?
·         Does the Monday Night Football game feature two lousy teams?
·         Do you want a great ATC filled event?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then come fly in the Moncton/Gander FIRs weekly event, Moncton Mondays starting at 23h00z on the VATSIM network! Each Monday, Continue reading


VPIA recieves VATSIM recognition as online partner

VPIA is extremely proud to announce the full recognition as a partner virtual airline by VATSIM.  After a long existence on the web, and associations and partnerships with some of the most well known websites and organizations, including simulation’s number 1 resource, and, in addition to 14 others, as well as real world aviation related websites, including,, and, the hard work put in by our dedicated members has enabled us to become the first virtual airline from Pakistan to be a fully certified VATSIM partner.

The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network is the world’s largest community of flight sim pilots and virtual air traffic controller’s who fly or control traffic online. Continue reading


Hawaiian ARTCC Under New Management

Honolulu ARTCC is under new management, with the naming of the new ATM, Mr. Richard Dawson, Honolulu is off to great start with the launch of the new official website.

The new website incorporates loads of useful features for both controller and pilots! For more information, please visit .


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