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Eastern Airlines Virtual adds a new hub in Dallas-Ft. Worth

The folks at Eastern Airlines Virtual wishes all flight simmers a very happy 2013.

On January 1st,  Eastern Airlines opened up a new hub in KDFW.  This new hub will also have two satellite hubs.  One in Houston and the other in Oklahoma City.  This new hub offers new routes to domestic and international airports.   Eastern Airlines Virtual now has ten hubs in operation.

As more pilots join the rank of Eastern Airlines Virtual, new hubs will be introduced. We are one of the oldest virtual airlines on the net.  Founded in 1998,  Eastern Airlines Virtual has shown it’s resilience and continues to run strong.  Currently, we have 140 pilots flying for Eastern.  All are active pilots and love to fly.

Eastern Airlines Virtual still remains number one in the VAFS power rankings.

So if you are a veteran pilot or a beginner and want to join one of the best virtual airlines on the net, please visit   We are a family oriented airline with no strict restrictions.  Only thing we ask is that you are active which should be simple if you have a passion for flying.

Come and see how we earn our wings, everyday!


Eastern Airlines Virtual announces Wonder Winterland(ings) Tour

With the winter months starting to approach us, Eastern Airlines Virtual has developed the Wonder Winterland(ings) tour to challenge our pilots in less than desirable conditions.  This tour contains 18 flights starting in Alaska and hitting many airports along the northern United States.  The tour will open to our pilots on November 22nd and should prove to be very fun.

Our pilots at Eastern has many tours and many routes to fly.  Also we have many modern aircraft in our hangar with various Eastern Airline liveries.  All are free to our pilots.

Eastern Airlines Virtual continues to rank number 1 in the VAFS power rankings.  We strive to make Eastern a home for many pilots and future pilots.

If you have a passion for flying, please visit and see how we earn our wings, everyday!


Eastern Airlines Virtual Holds the VAFS Number One Ranking for 8 Months Straight

Since the launch of the new VAFS version 5 ACARS client, Eastern Airlines Virtual took the number one spot and has held that position for 8 months straight.

Eastern Airlines Virtual currently has 133 pilots on our roster.  Although we may not have as many pilots as other airlines, we have some of the most dedicated pilots.  We love to fly!

The rankings from VAFS is a formula that takes numbers from total flights, total flight hours, and the airlines average rating.  The rating number rates the pilot’s performance on each flight.

Our pilots have a large number of routes to fly with many modern jetliners from Boeing and Airbus.  We also just recently added the Concorde to our fleet.

Anyone is welcome to join Eastern Airlines Virtual and experience a family orientated atmosphere.  The only requirement is that you have a passion for flying.

Please visit for more information.


Eastern Airlines Virtual President Retires

Mark Garrity has retired from the position of President of Eastern Airlines Virtual.  Since he started with the airline in 2007, he has held many positions within the airline.  On October 10th, 2009 he became president.  Mark has been a key member of this airline to achieve many goals and objectives.  Now, due to real life issues, he has decided to retire.  He will remain with the airline and will still maintain a voice within our senior management team as time permits.  Thank you Mark for your hard work and dedication to keep Eastern Airlines Virtual running strong.

Jose Cordero has been promoted to President of Eastern Airlines Virtual.  Jose has been our Senior Vice President since July 2011 and has been with Eastern since September of 2008.  He has been an excellent addition to the Senior Management team.  Jose routinely has great ideas to keep pilots flying.  When I asked Jose what he hopes to achieve as president, he answered:

My main goal is to build a team of members that are going to continue working hard for this VA. I want Eastern Airlines Virtual to continue it’s great run as an online VA. The only way that this achievement is possible is by having the most committed team available. It’s obviously a difficult challenge because at any time, real world demands may pull members away but it’s a challenge I have to see through. More importantly, I hope to achieve new innovations that this VA, and possibly other VA’s, have yet to see. I want Eastern to be different not for the VA’s sake but for the Pilots. I went them to feel that this place is different, family-orientated, and committed to their enjoyment.

We wish Jose the best of luck in his new position.  Congratulations!!

Eastern Airlines Virtual invites anyone with a passion of flying to visit us at

See how we Earn Our Wings, Everyday!


Eastern Airlines Virtual promotes Dave Mahoney to V.P. of Routes and Fleet Management

Dave has been with Eastern Airlines Virtual for 10 years now and has been our Hub Manager at KDCA.  After doing a wonderful job for us as a hub manager, we are confident that he will do well in his new position.  Richard Smith did a great job for Eastern in this position since 2008.  Richard will be working with Dave for the next few weeks to help him get started.  When Dave gets up to speed, we expect new and exciting routes to fly.

As Dave Mahoney steps up to his new position, Robert Smith will be our new Hub Manager at KDCA.

Gabriel Donate has also been promoted to Hub Manager to our Chicago hub.

Eastern Airlines Virtual is getting ready to begin it’s 14th year next month.  Our senior management staff will continue to work hard to keep Eastern running strong for the years to come.  We also have some of the most dedicated pilots around, keeping Eastern Airlines Virtual ranked #1 in the VAFS power rankings.

Please visit and see how we earn our wings, everyday!

Patrick Signs
Public Relations Officer
Eastern Airlines Virtual


Eastern Airlines Virtual Flies their 10 Millionth Passenger

On June 18th, 2012, Eastern Airlines Virtual surpasses 10 million passengers on VAFS.  Since September of 2008 when Eastern adopted the VAFS client for keeping track of our flight information, we have been able to keep track of our milestones.  Last month, we reported that we had flown over 250 billion pounds of cargo and now we are glad to report that our 10 millionth passenger has flown with us.

We have some of the most dedicated pilots and staff members in our virtual airline and we continue to strive to make it better.  Anyone with a passion for flying is encouraged to visit our website.

We are gearing up for our 14th year anniversary in August, yes, this airline started in 1998 and continues to run strong.  We are currently ranked #1 on the VAFS power ranking.

Please visit and see how we earn our wings, everyday!



The advanced Boeing 747-800i comes to Eastern Airlines Virtual.  Modeled by SkySpirit and painted by our staff with our new modern Eastern paint, makes this aircraft a new favorite among our pilots.

We have also created new routes to support this new aircraft.  Our management team continues to work hard to make Eastern Airlines Virtual a pleasurable experience for our pilots.

If you are a new pilot or a seasoned veteran, Eastern Airlines Virtual has something for everyone.   Please visit to see how we earn our wings, everyday!

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