Announcing Era America Airlines, The Way Flying Was Meant to Be

We are a brand new virtual airline company with three hubs: Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Ontario, California.  Era America Airlines is a simple, yet fun, and entertaining airline company.  We fly routes from as short as 30 minutes to as long as 5 hours and 30 minutes with both the 737 and the 757.  Era America Airlines has not launched operations yet, but we are open to pilot applications.  So come on by and check out Era America Airlines, The Way Flying Was Meant To Be.

CEO of Era America Airlines

Announcing the Opening of Flagship Virtual Airlines

Flagship Airlines would like to announce the official online launch of our innovative Virtual Airline.

Flagship Virtual Airlines offer a unique, pressure free, flying experience to pilots of all abilities, from novice to advanced.   Using the popular VAFinancials Client, your entire flight from  is monitored and logged, allowing you to evaluate your own flight performance, address issues for the future, and to improve your flying experience.

Operating from our hubs in Atlanta, Paris, Salt Lake City, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Seoul, we have over 16,000 routes covering short and long haul routes, and we have plans to expand further with a second european hub and a business jet service.  We also operate a number of code-share agreements to expand our network even further.

What makes Flagship Airlines unique is that whilst most Virtual Airlines offer multiplayer facilities, we have taken this a step further.  Every route from every hub is available to fly in any one of the fleet located at the hub.  Therefore it is possible to have between 1 and 12 pilots flying the same route, using different jets at the same time, expanding the community experience, and making things a lot more fun!

With a fleet of over 80 aircraft including 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 aircraft in multiple Continue reading


EIN Virtual – New Irish VA Launches

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Virtual Airline based out of Ireland. EIN Virtual, is Ireland’s Premier VA operating a fleet of A320 family aircraft and A330s from Belfast, Cork, Shannon, Dublin and a lone A330 from Washington. We also have a Regional branch of ATRs for pilots looking for shorter hops, and a legacy fleet with aircraft as old as the 707, 737 classics, BAC 111, BAE 146 and even the infamous “Iolar” De-Havilland Dragon, so there really is something to suit all tastes.

EIN Virtual serves destinations across Europe as well as Trans-Atlantic services to Boston, New York, Chicago and Orlando. EIN Virtual operates from 5 bases, 4 on the island of Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Belfast Aldergrove) and one in Washington Dulles operating a code-share to Madrid.

We provide a professional and realistic environment for our pilots. We operate real-world routes with real-world call-signs on all our flights. All our schedules are also up to date with real-world operations.

Visit EIN Virtual online at:


Announcing Universal Airlines – Where Your Hours are Accepted.

Universal (virtual) Airlines announces the opening of their worldwide services for domestic, international, freight and executive opportunities. Why Universal? Universal permits and encourages a pilot with previous flight experience to sign up and in a short time, continue their virtual career without the loss of a single verifiable hour. Time and again we see people looking for an airline that gives credit for previous hours, the same way the FAA allows you to work for any airline and maintain the flight hours you carry with you. Universal was created with the same idea. No hours? No problem, we start you from ground zero.

During the year, Universal will support events such as the summer Olympics in London, opportunities to the South Pacific and tours around the various countries that will permit the pilot to enhance his flight time and experience plus receive benefits while participating in these events. With a choice of flights throughout the word, we also sport a fleet of over 35 aircraft and our aircraft are certified for both FS9 & FSX users.

So if you find yourself with a substantial number of hours and are risking the loss of any or all of those hours because they are not accepted for transfer, then we ask you to have a look at what we have to offer. Here is a question to consider: “What have you got to lose by simply looking around the site”?

Check out Universal Airlines online @


US Airways Virtual Opening Event Announcement

Lets make our spot in the VA World! As we kick off a great upcoming year for Virtual US Airways! On 6/10/12 at 5PM MTN, We will be flying from Phoenix (KPHX) to San Francisco (KSFO). This event has no CAT restrictions.

To be able to get prizes YOU MUST sign up under the events tab!

Preferred routing: BTY J92 OAL MOD3

Prizes: 3 Pilots will receive one BluePrint Scenery for either FSX : FS9

We are also looking for pilots! US Airways Virtual is open to everyone! All you need is a Valid VATSIM ID and you’re in. vAWE provides a realistic yet fun environment to simulate Real world US Airways Operations.

We are accepting Pilot Applications, if you are brand new to flight simulation or experienced, we welcome all.

Come Visit us at today!


Taylor Welka


Announcing the Opening of Velvet Virtual

Velvet Virtual is a brand new virtual airline managed by long term users of MSFS and real world pilots with immense experience in the aviation industry.

The aim of Velvet Virtual is to broaden the horizons for users of MSFS and aviation enthusiasts, by offering a way to simulate life as a line pilot in a realistic setting combined with learning and loads of fun,  all while making new friends and socializing with fellow virtual aviators.

Using the very popular VA Financials system, we are able to replicate airline operations in a very realistic financially binding setting.   The VA Financials pilot client simplifies booking, flying and flight reports by being an automated system and always having a wealth of information at your finger tips.

Expanding Velvet Sky operations, and not just replicating the real world airline, gives our users a true international and exciting flying experience! Continue reading


Announcing the Opening of Mirage Executive Charters va

Do you like to fly light twin engines? Turbo-props? Business jets? Then MECva is for you! MECva is a new virtual airline simulating Part 135 operations using the VAFS system! We fly aircraft ranging from the Piper Arrow to the Cessna Citation Jet CJ1!

Our fleet currently contains:

-Piper Arrow IV
-Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander
-Cessna 340 II
-Piper PA46-T Malibu
-Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
-Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Super Cargomaster
-Cessna Citation Jet CJ1
….More planes to come as our pilot base grows!

Our current pilot Continue reading


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