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Simulated FedEx Now Open

MEMPHIS – Simulated FedEx is an extraordinary virtual air cargo carrier that plans to change the way you fly cargo. We plan to take the typical boring flight and turn it into a fun and realistic experience for each pilot. The staff at Simulated FedEx are dedicated to making a virtual cargo carrier that will truly change the shape of the virtual cargo industry.

We offer pilots the chance to interact with other pilots and staff during each flight. The ability for pilots to interact with their cargo has finally become possible as well. Pilots will be able to load cargo into their aircraft via our custom ACARS program. Upon loading their cargo, pilots will be able select and dispatch their flights in real time.

Simulated FedEx offers a unique web site design unlike anything seen before. Pilots will feel a sense of ease and professionalism every time they visit our web site. We want to make sure each pilot enjoys their experience, and that they are able to interact with us to obtain complete satisfaction with our operations.
At this time, we are interviewing for staff positions. We request, but do not require, previous VA or VAC management experience.

We are currently hiring for the following positions Continue reading


Grand Opening of United Airlines VA

Today we would with pride like to official announce a New United Airlines Virtual ( in the Vatsim Community.

Who we are and what makes us unique,

Is the variety of Operational functions we offer such as: Aviation Abbreviations FAR Part 1, Check Rides an additional Type-Ratings under your Category based under FAR part 61, use the appropriate Standard Approach Procedures under FAR Part 97, ETOPS Operating Rating for those who plan to accommodate Trans Atlantic Flights or Trans Pacific Operations and would like to earn an ETOPS Rating, Real Time Schedules with a 95% accuracy from Departure time to Arrival with a detailed Dispatch Release Sheet and all tools that are needed to plan a flight and much more…

We are a virtual airline that prides itself on innovation and creativity. You see those words at many different Virtual Airlines but it really didn’t mean anything until now. Our Hiring process  is based on a 3 Step System.

1st stage is the Candidate will be asked to take our Entry Level Exam this includes questioning about Aircraft, Real World Regulations and General Question about Aviation skills.

2nd stage of the Candidate is to fill out an application form with a Digital Signature and Continue reading

Ohio Express Now Hiring

Columbus, OH— It’s a great pleasure to announce, that Ohio Express Virtual Airlines is hiring  pilots, however there is limited space available, We are only looking to hire 20 active pilots.  Our objective with hiring a limited group is to provide a close knit group of pilots to make this airline successful and expand beyond all expectations.  Ohio Express is a professionally operated virtual Express air carrier, based in the U.S. at Port Columbus International Airport

At Ohio Express we offer, awards, and commendations as you progress through your airline career.  We offer assistance in training with online flying, we have an acars system that allows you to file PIREPS and track your flights.  We offer a great aircraft selection, with a choice of several repaints, created by some expert aircraft painters.

Ohio Express Airlines is looking for those pilots who want to get the most from their flight sim experience, and also allows opportunities for advancement to management and a staff for aspiring pilots.  If you’re looking for the challenge of flying for Continue reading


Arizona Express Virtual Airways is Now Accepting Pilot Applications

Tucson, Arizona -  Arizona Express Airways is enthusiastically recruiting pilots and we are now accepting pilot applications! No experience is needed

The Arizona Express Airways Staff is committed to ensuring the very best travel experience for passengers and pilots. We’re here to serve you. Arizona Express Virtual Airway, Your Gateway to the West!

Arizona Express Virtual Airway is a pristine virtual airline that serves travelers throughout the virtual aviation world. We have worked hard to bring flight simulation to a new level with a sense of community and friendship. If you are bored with flying alone on Flight Simulator, we encourage you to try out the unique experience of flying Arizona Express. The mission of Arizona Express Virtual Airway is to advance the virtual aviation hobby through enhancing the experience of virtual aviation enthusiasts around the globe. In accordance with our steadfast belief in the spirit and freedom of flight, we strive to Continue reading


Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines – First Western Africa VA Now Open!

We are happy to announce the opening of Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines. It’s the first VA in Western Africa, simulating flight operations in this beautiful part of the world. The intention is to increase the traffic levels at Africa, to give flights in this region a realistic background – and to have tons of fun!

Our homepage:
Our Facebook group:
Our Twitter Channel:!/goldenghana_va/

If you like to know more before you sign in, you might want to check our operations handbook. It’s available here:


Announcing the Launch of!

It is my great pleasure to announce the official launch of!  Several times throughout the year, we will release a free flight simulation magazine for every registered member.  It is free for anyone to join our website and receive this free magazine each time it’s released.  Some of our features are listed below:

Virtual airline List
As well as a free magazine, we also offer a list of virtual airlines. Any member has the ability to add their virtual airline and like or dislike any three virtual airlines at any one time!  You can view our complete list of virtual airlines here.

Teamspeak 3 server
Fs-Magazine provides a free teamspeak 3 server for anyone who wishes to Continue reading


Now Hiring Staff Members for New, Realistic Virtual Airline – United Airlines Virtual

We are starting a very new and exciting project for a realistic virtual airline that is based off a real world airline. This airline is being created by real world pilots who are in their 20′s and are truly dedicated to aviation and Flight Simulator as a hobby. Our VA will be one of the most realistic in the industry, with personal pilot interviews with potential candidates. Each pilot will go through an interview with questions on:
  • Aviation procedures

  • Aircraft specific procedures

  • Aerodynamics

  • ATC procedures

  • Flight planning

  • IFR procedures


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