Eagle Wings Spreads its Wings

We are glad to inform you that after some grounded time Eagle Wings is soaring through the skies again.

Eagle Wings is a premier virtual airline operating mostly on the European airline market with flight spanning the entire globe. Currently, we serve more than 50 destinations worldwide and are currently in the proces of updating and tweaking our schedule so we can provide pilots with a more realistic flight network from our hub in Zagreb (LDZA, Croatia) utilising a modern and diverse fleet ranging from turboprops to intercontinental jets. Our pilots operate using the IVAO network and take advantage of our superior ACARS system that provide the ultimate experience in Flight Simulation. Continue reading


Air Fresno Reopens

This month marks the reopening of a virtual airline icon; Air Fresno Virtual Airlines has decided to put it’s airlines webpage back up to satisfy the requests of some of it’s former pilots. Since 1997 the airline has been on the lips of many in the hobby, when it opened in March of 1998 it set many standards. Air Fresno CEO Peter McKay was awarded the VANF’s Pilot of the Year 10 years ago, and the airline garnered many awards in the infancy of this hobby. Over the years however, as airlines modernized Air Fresno choose to stay with what worked for them; the hands on approach. In it’s reopening on the CEO’s 50th birthday on March 12th it establishes itself as a Legacy airline, one that does not actively seek new pilots but Continue reading


Cirrus Air to Resume Operations

Hyde Park, IL – Last week, officials at Cirrus Air gathered to discuss the possible reorganization of Cirrus Air and its operations. At the conclusion of the meeting it was decided that Cirrus Air would take to the skies once again with a new vision, goal and objective. Starting from the old website and systems, Cirrus would return to its previous operations only to rebuild the staff team at which point, reorganization would commence.

In an attempt to fill remaining positions, Cirrus is currently accepting applications for both the Chicago Midway Hub Manager, and the Director of Human Resources positions. Both positions require previous experience and will be filled by a person motivated to see Cirrus become a successful organization. Continue reading


Virtual Military Airlift Command Reopens Under Original Founder

The Virtual Military Airlift Command is back under the founder’s ownership.  Lloyd Mendenhall, who founded VMAC in 1997, is back in command.

In December of 1997 four FS Pilots got together and formed VMAC(Yes! 1997).  The original founders of VMAC were, Lloyd Mendenhall, Lindy Northam Jr., Doyle Northam Sr., and Mike Fletcher.  The Virtual Military Airlift Command ran non-stop until 2007.  Continue reading


Eastern Airlines rebranded, reopens

Formerly known as Eastern Virtual Airlines, the new Eastern Airlines Virtual (EAV) is a decade old virtual airline based out of the former Eastern Airlines headquarters, Miami, Florida. After one year of rebuilding and reorganizing the airline, it is now set to reopen. Continue reading


Atlantic International Virtual Airlines Relaunches Operations

In a press release today, Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) Executive Management are pleased to announce the relaunch of the airline’s operation.

AIV has re-opened its doors for operations.

A company spokesman said: “AIV will offer its members the most updated virtual technology and enhanced award and recognition system for its members. ”

For more information, visit


Oasis Virtual Airlines Reopens

Oasis Virtual Airlines has reopened their doors with a new look and great new features. Oasis has spent the last several months in its quest to getting back to basics. According to an airline official, the airline is focusing on providing its pilots a reliable, convenient location to meet most of their virtual aviation needs.

Continue reading


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