Eastern Ships Over 2.5 Billion Pounds Of Cargo

Since Eastern started using the VAFS system at approximately September of 2008, we have recorded shipping of over 2.5 billion pounds of cargo. Due to the dedication of our pilots and great management team, we routinely achieve these milestones.

Join Eastern as we are going to surpass the one millionth passenger flown. At 966,000+ at the time of this writing, we shall achieve another milestone very soon . We have many aircraft in our hanger and many routes to suite any kind of commercial flying our pilots enjoy. Whether you enjoy cargo flights or PAX flights, we will have a route that will fit the bill.

Visit our web site at and see how we earn our wings, every day!


Eastern Airlines Virtual Ranks #1 in VAFS Power Rankings

Eastern Airlines Virtual is #1 in the VAFS Power Ranking system:

We have some of the most dedicated Pilots in the VAFS community. We house over 10 hubs along with many aircraft in our fleet to fly.

Eastern Airlines Virtual has been serving the virtual air since 1998 and we’re kicking off our 14th year with new aircraft and routes to fly.

Come see why Eastern is one of the oldest virtual airlines in the business.

We Earn our Wings, Everyday!

Visit Eastern Airlines Virtual at:


Announcing the Opening of Mirage Executive Charters va

Do you like to fly light twin engines? Turbo-props? Business jets? Then MECva is for you! MECva is a new virtual airline simulating Part 135 operations using the VAFS system! We fly aircraft ranging from the Piper Arrow to the Cessna Citation Jet CJ1!

Our fleet currently contains:

-Piper Arrow IV
-Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander
-Cessna 340 II
-Piper PA46-T Malibu
-Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
-Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Super Cargomaster
-Cessna Citation Jet CJ1
….More planes to come as our pilot base grows!

Our current pilot Continue reading


Eastern Airlines Virtual Ranks #1 In VAFS Power Rankings

Eastern Airlines Virtual ranks #1 in VAFS Power Rankings on average Ratings, flights, and flight hours!

See rankings and data here:

We have a large selection of aircraft for your flying pleasure. No time in rank structure; you fly all of our aircraft.

Eastern Airlines Virtual has these other fantastic benefits:

  • Over 10 HUBS in the USA and Europe
  • Many great destinations
  • New and classic Paint Schemes
  • Large and varied fleet
  • 13 years of continuous successful operations
  • Great and knowledgeable management team
  • Fun filled family-orientated VA
  • Weekly VATSIM events
  • Weekly VAFSMP multi-player flights Continue reading

vaBase Overhauled: New Look and New Price

PIREP system and virtual airline management software provider vaBase ( has decided to revamp its website in an effort to reinvigorate its web presence. Created by a group of skilled developers who recognized a need for affordable, customizable and highly professional, automated scripts for virtual airlines, vaBase has also recently reworked its price-point making the cutting-edge software system more affordable than ever before. Prices for vaBase have dropped to just £19.99 / $29.99 for the full system. Currently on release is vaBase v2.0 Deluxe, packed full of smart accessories to compliment a VA including ACARS scripts, fully automated PIREP system, flight planning software and more.

Myles Knight, when talking about the new v2.0 release said, “We have now also included vaBase flight planner into the package at no extra cost giving [the consumers] the opportunity to build a feature rich virtual airline at minimal cost.” He went on to say, “[this enables the consumer] to keep up with today’s competition! We have also taken the approach of building a one-stop-shop for VA entrepreneurs with our new design service.” Continue reading


VAFS Competitor Scheduled for Entry Februrary 2009

On Februrary 1, 2009, a new online pilot reporting system is scheduled to enter the FSX virtual airline market. Pirep Systems ( is currently showcasing a demo version of their latest pirep software on their website and is looking to garner interest as they work toward a February 2009 launch.  Envisioned as a competitor to Mike Smith’s Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS), Pirep Systems is set to be the latest entry in a market with few players. Continue reading


Your Perception switches to new operations platform

Your Perception today announced that the VA successfully achieved to integrate a new operations platform in the Virtual airline. The management decided to switch to VAfinancials, because of its easiness of use for our pilots and the realism provided.
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